What I expect from any work of art is that it surprises me, that it violates my customary valuations of things and offers me other, unexpected ones. ~Marcel Duchamp . . . Questions or comments please contact me at sswoodard at yahoo dot com.
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  • Friday, December 23, 2005

    Holiday, 2005

    Illustration Friday entry


    Sober Chick said...

    I like this tree -- the textue applied from the bush and how you allowed the cicular shapes to fom the tree. Very nice!

    Tab said...

    Hi Scott,
    I just found your art blog .
    How refreshing to see visually the mind of creativity and sobriety.
    Your work is so diverse I love it.
    This Christmas tree makes me crave peppermint ~

    boneman said...

    Christmas already? Dang! I better get out there and get something fer folks!

    Thing is, I have an idea how ya got the texture, but the magic (to me) is your handling of the color on top of it.
    Nice job!

    babelouise said...

    I love this tree.
    You did a great job on this and all of your paintings.

    joytoy said...

    Wow so nice! How i wish to make such painting.